Cooking a Giant 120 Egg Japanese-Style Omelet

In the Season One finale of the Tasty series Making It Big, host Alvin Zhou invited producer Rie McClenny on-camera to share with him what her favorite foods are. McClenny stated that she loved Japanese style omelets with American-style fillings.

Zhou set about making a giant omelet of 100 eggs. In the end, however, he used 120 eggs that he baked into sheets. He rolled each sheet into a layer. Zhou then rolled each layer around the previous layer, adding in fillings like cheese, meat, and vegetables with each roll. By the final few layers, the omelet roll became unwieldy and quite heavy. But some Zhou got the job done and even made it look quite presentable. McClenny was quite pleased with the result and that in turn pleased Zhou.

I’m so happy I got the chance to cook for Rie, I hope this was cool enough to impress you.