12-Year-Old Trips and Damages a 350-Year-Old $1.5 Million Painting on Display in Taipei

A 12-year-old in Taipei, Taiwan tripped and damaged a 350-year-old $1.5 million painting by Paolo Porpora on display at the Face of Leonardo: Images of a Genius exhibition. Video shows the boy stumbling over the divider in front of the painting, and stopping his fall by putting his hand on the painting, leaving a fist-sized hole.

The organizers of the event, TST Art of Discovery, have said the boy will not be charged for the repairs, which they say will focus on repairing the structure of the painting, not the paint itself.

Paolo Porpora still life damaged by boy in Taiwan

torn painting

Torn painting being restored in Taipei

torn painting restoration 2

photos via TST Art of Discovery

via The Guardian

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