111 Minna Gallery’s 20th Anniversary Group Art Show in San Francisco

Migratory Soul by Josh Keyes

Migratory Soul” by Josh Keyes

111 Minna Gallery will be celebrating their 20th anniversary with Last Gasp in San Francisco with a group art show. It will be “comprised of only the finest artists and those whose profound effect built their foundation in the art community.” The art exhibit will open on Friday, September 6, 2013 from 5 PM to 2 AM PDT. You can RSVP for the event on Facebook.

In 1993, 111 Minna Gallery took root in SOMA, a district that has now become home to a multitude of galleries. Over the last twenty years, we’ve grown and molded with the changing tides of this neighborhood to become a well-deserved household name.

List of featured artists:

Jennybird Alcantara, Abe Alvarez-Tostado, Brett Amory, Eric Bailey, Shawn Barber, Brian Barneclo, Glenn Barr, Jud Bergeron, Chor Boogie, Brian Brooks, David Choong Lee, Kim Cogan, Coro, Mike Davis, Joel Dugan, NoMe Edonna, Ron English, Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores, Doze Green, Michael Garlington, Ron Garrigues, Robert Hardgrave, Don Ed Hardy, Doug Hardy, Al Honig, Jay Howell, Jason Jagel, Sylvia Ji, Josh Keyes, Micah LeBrun, Henry Lewis, David Mabry, Lennie Mace, Rogelio Martinez, Liz McGrath, Merkley???, Lango Oliveira, Onesto, Alison Pebworth, Ferris Plock, Tiff Pollard, Ricky Powell, Rob Reger, Romanowski, Lee Harvey Roswell, Mark Ryden, Isabel Samaras, Kathy Staico-Schorr, Todd Schorr, Shag, Joe Sorren, Kelly Tunstall, Miss Van, Nate Van Dyke, Oliver Vernon, John Wentz, Eric White and Robert Williams.

Serape, Grey by Sylvia Ji

Serape, Grey” by Sylvia Ji

Nezaromega (Rasean) by Doze Green

Nezaromega (Rasean)” by Doze Green

Head-Hunter by Joel Dugan

Head-Hunter” by Joel Dugan

The Harmonica Player by Chor Boogie

The Harmonica Player” by Chor Boogie

images via 111 Minna Gallery and credited artists

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