104 Year-Old Guerrilla Yarn Bomber Leaves Her Crocheted Mark All Over the Scottish Borders

Grace Brett is a lovely 104-year old Scottish woman who decorates her town in the Scottish Borders with original crocheted designs. A member of the Souter Stormers, Brett and her fellow guerrilla yarn-bombers recently lent their collective talent to Brett’s hometown of Selkirk for the Yes Festival.

Called the Souter Stormers, the group hit various landmarks in Selkirk, Borders, with their yarn work last week, following hours of preparation. Members of the yarn bombing team are mainly over 60, but Grace – the oldest – has lived over a century.



The County


Hanging Chicken


images via Penelope Textiles Limited

via Daily Record, Mental Floss

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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