100 Years of Men’s Swimwear Shown Decade by Decade in a Three-Minute Timelapse

In this three-minute time-lapse video by Mode Glam, a naked well-muscled model named Matty Watts dons (and removes) 100 years of men’s swimwear decade by decade, commencing with the twirly mustache and striped romper swimsuit of 1905 and culminating with the scruffy beard and pastel shorts of 2015. Watts also added in a few humorously exaggerated dance moves with each outfit, including a memorable ab ripple. This is the fourth video in Mode’s “100 Years of Fashion” series.

Since 1915, men have been stripping down for the sake of a swim. Okay, they’ve probably been taking a bit since the dawn of time, but nothing compares to swimwear styles of the past century. Tune in as we highlight the best men’s swimwear – and abs – from 1915 to now. Magic Mike, who?!