‘The Identity Project’, A Photo Series Exploring Self-Assigned Gender Labels And Sexual Identity

Sarah Deragon, a San Francisco photographer, has created “The Identity Project“, a photo series that explores the sexual and gender definitions that people within the LGBTQ community assign to themselves.

This photography project was launched because as a photographer, I wanted to explore the labels that we use when we define our sexuality and gender. I need your help to take the project to the next level.

I want to travel to five US cities to photograph other queer communities. I’m committed to reflecting the beautiful diversity of our LGBTQ communities and I am actively seeking participants who are POC, trans*, bisexual, youth, elders, disabled, immigrant, and otherwise identify as outside of the mainstream lesbian and gay culture.

Sarah is currently raising the funds to complete the project through an Indegogo campaign that runs through May 30, 2014.

Gender Queer Butch Baba Wife


Butch Daddy Poet

Gay Masculine of Center

Queer Femme

images via The Identity Project

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