Testing Out The Canon 5D Mark II With Doctor Popular & His Yo-Yo

Yesterday I had lunch with Doctor Popular and after we ate I asked him if he could do some of his amazing Yo-Yo tricks so I could test out my new Canon 5D Mark II DSLR. I was especially interested to see how the 1080p HD video looked on this amazing full-frame camera. I uploaded the video to Vimeo’s new Plus service which allows unlimited HD video uploading as well as HD video embedding.

Doctor Popular & Yo-Yo

Doc Pop & His Peugeot

Of course as a still camera, it’s quite an upgrade over my previous 5D. Here are a few photos of Doc Pop doing Yo-Yo tricks and posing with his Peugeot.

Adam Jackson Love Spam

The low light sensitivity of this camera has greatly improved since the original 5D. Here’s a photo of Adam Jackson at Monday’s Web 2.0 Holiday Bailout Party that he organized at Harlot in San Francisco. The club was very dark, so I shot it at ISO 6400 to see how it would come out and I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

I’m still getting use to all of the new features, but so far this camera rocks!

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UPDATE 1: Tyler Ginter has posted a great video explaining “How To Use Video Mode on the Canon 5D MK II” :

UPDATE 2: PopPhoto recently reviewed the 5DMKII.

photos by Scott Beale

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