Star Wars Wampa Ice Scraper Mitt

Star Wars Wampa Ice Scraper Mitt at ThinkGeek

The Star Wars Wampa Ice Scraper Mitt from ThinkGeek is a handy ice scraper tool / cozy plush mitt derived from Luke Skywalker’s fancy Jedi lightsaber work on planet Hoth. Not only will you be able to scrape the layers of ice from your car windshield with Wampa power, but you will also have a great remembrance of the unlucky ice cave dwelling Wampa “One-Arm“. The Star Wars Wampa Ice Scraper Mitt is currently available to purchase at ThinkGeek.

When a Jedi kills a Wampa, he or she is always sure to make good use of its entire body. The Wampa Ice Scraper is a whimsical way of using a severed limb! Just slide the plush Wampa mitt over your own flesh and you can use the power of Wampa claws to scrape the ice from your car’s windshield. The Wampa Ice Scraper keeps your hand warm as you power through Jack Frost’s early morning graffiti. In no time, you’ll be snug in your warm vehicle, sipping Hoth Cocoa from your travel mug on your way to the office.

Product Specifications:

– Ice Scraper covered in a plush Wampa mitten
– Super warm, a little gross, and totally fun to use
– Defeat ice with Wampa power!
– Material: 100% polyester
– Yes, it’s machine washable!
– Dimensions: 17″ x 8.5″ (mitt), 3″ x 4″ (scraper)

Star Wars Wampa Ice Scraper Mitt at ThinkGeek

images via ThinkGeek

via ThinkGeek and technabob

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