Stacked Pancake Floor Pillows With Butter Pat Accents

Designer Todd von Bastiaans with the help of Bryan McCarthy created the tempur-pedic foam-filled Pancake Floor Pillows for Unicahome. They are available with butter pat accent pillows for the complete look.

Influenced by the Pony Chair by Eero Aarnio, Todd wanted to create a similar functional art item that was also practical and multipurpose. Along with Bryan McCarthy he developed a series of tempur-pedic foam filled pancake floor pillows that are straight out of Pop iconography. Research was intensive on the project, with the duo trying pancakes from numerous Las Vegas breakfast joints- Jerry’s Nugget, Dupar’s, IHOP- before deciding on Blueberry Hill. The final decision, of course, was based on the aesthetic appeal of the pancakes themselves. Images were then transferred to fabric via digital printing and a 36” comfy pancake series was made.

via Super Punch and Design Fetish

images via Unicahome

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