Secrets of the Living Dolls, A Documentary About Men Who Wear Latex Bodysuits to Masquerade as Dolls

“Secrets of the Living Dolls” is a Channel 4 documentary that explores the world of female masking, a form of cross-dressing in which men dress like dolls by donning latex bodysuits and masks.

Female maskers, also known as ‘dolls’, are a hidden community of ordinary family men who lead extraordinary double lives, dressing up in elaborate rubber suits as they strive to become their own ideal fantasy woman. There are thousands of female maskers all over the world, but most have kept their secret behind closed doors.

This documentary enters this private world, meeting the men coming to terms with what has, for many, become an all-consuming hobby, spending thousands of hours and hundreds of pounds creating their alter-egos.

video via Channel 4

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