San Francisco Pillow Fight 2009 Photos & Video


On Valentine’s Day the massive 4th Annual Pillow Fight erupted in San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza. BerDerp has some great photos and video from high above the melee.

Ed Hunsinger attended as an embedded journalist along with the UN Pillow Inspections.


Violet Blue was also there reporting live for the PNN (Pillow News Network).

Dream Not of Today made this great video of Francisco Pillow Fight 2009.


Mitch Aidelbaum shot some amazing photos of the pillow carnage.

Here’s more San Francisco Pillow Fight 2009 coverage:

The United Nations Commission on Costumes & Holidays (UNCCH)

Mitch Aidelbaum

SF Weekly


San Francisco Citizen

John Curley



One Time TV & Spiral Notebook Films

photos by BerDerp, Violet Blue & Mitch Aidelbaum

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