Researchers Use Real-Time MRI to See Inside a Beatboxer

X-ray style view of human beatboxing

“‘Clap’ snare”

Researchers at University of Southern California used real-time magnetic resonance imaging (rtMRI) to capture X-ray-style video of a beatboxer in action. The researchers used rtMRI to record a beatboxer’s face as he performed his repertoire of effects, which they then cataloged most scientifically: For instance, a snare drum sound became a “pulmonic egressive dorsal stop-fricative sequence.” Be sure to browse the rtMRI videos on the study’s webpage, the still images don’t do it justice.

X-ray style view of human beatboxing

“‘Rim shot’ effect”

X-ray style view of human beatboxing

“‘Punchy’ kick”

via Neatorama

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