MX3D-Metal, A Multiple Axis Tool That 3D Prints Using Metal

MX3D-Metal is a 3D printing project introduced at the recent Fabricate 2014 conference from a collaboration between “experimental playground” Joris Laarman Lab and Acotech in much the same vein as Joris Laarman Lab’s previous MX3D-Resin project. Combining an industrial robot with a welding machine, the project is able to print in materials like steel using small amounts of molten metal at a time to create their objects without the need for supporting structures.

Though the current software used to print the metal is essentially a hodgepodge, the ultimate goal for the project is to provide an easily navigable method to print whatever the user wants. Thanks to the printing method, there’s no need to start from a particular angle either — the MX3D-Metal can print in what is essentially a straight line regardless of whether it starts on a wall or the ground.


image via Joris Laarman Lab

via Hackaday

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