Muppet Marriage Proposal

Sid Ceaser proposed to his girlfriend Sara Prindiville by making a Muppet video that he surprised her with by showing it as a preview at Red River Theater in Concord, NH. Sid explains how it all happened:

I wanted to make a movie trailer. I thought it would be great if somehow I could manage to sneak something into a movie theater and it could be shown during the regular movie trailers. I mean, talk about being caught off guard! But it didn’t end there; not only did I want to make a movie trailer staring Sara and I, but I wanted them to be Muppets. As a life long Jim Henson & Muppet fan, I got overly excited about the dream of having Sid and Sara looking Muppets star in our video. But was it possible?

Muppet Marriage Proposal

Here’s Behind-the-scenes & Outtakes video.

via Neatorama

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