Misfit Shine, A Wearable Wireless Activity Tracker

Misfit Shine wireless activity tracker

Misfit Shine is a small wearable sensor that tracks how much exercise the wearer is getting each day (video). The sensor is housed in a durable aluminum body about the size of a quarter. It can track walking, swimming, and bicycling. Tiny LEDs indicate how close the wearer is to their daily activity goal, and progress can also be monitored on a smartphone app. The tracker syncs wirelessly with a smartphone simply by placing it on the phone’s screen. Misfit Shine is being developed by San Francisco-based Misfit Wearables. They are pre-selling the device on Indiegogo for delivery in spring 2013.

To help promote Misfit Shine, Co.MISSION and Already Alive produced this fast-paced transcontinental video, “An Ode to Movement”:

Misfit Shine wireless activity tracker

Thanks Harrison Winter!

images and video via Misfit Wearables

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