Lomokino, A Wind-Up 35mm Movie Camera

Lomokino windup 35mm movie camera

Lomokino windup 35mm movie camera

Lomokino is a wind-up movie camera by Lomography that shoots short lo-fi films on any 35mm still photography film. Once the film is developed, it can be viewed on the optional Lomokinoscope film viewer. The camera and the viewer are available as a set for $99.

Lomokino windup 35mm movie camera

After over 100 years of movie making, million-dollars-special-effects, big scale film studios and endless Hollywood drama, the LomoKino gives you the chance to return to the roots of movie-making and witness the very first steps of moving Lomography. Become a director yourself and capture Lomographic movies on any kind of 35mm film: no sound, no special effects, no post production – Just simple Lomography in motion.

Written by EDW Lynch

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