Glass Potato Chips

Glass Potato Chips

Building on a recipe by chef Hamid Salimian of Diva at the Met, Imnopeas has posted a tutorial on Instructables for making Glass Potato Chips. These chips are made in such a way that they become translucent and glass-like when fried. Recently, Imnopeas also provided the recipe and tutorial for Crinkle Cut French Fry-Shaped Cakes with Raspberry Ketchup.

This chip is stunning. It’s see-through like no other food. It has the distinct crunch and flavor of a potato chip, but in an unexpected space-age form.

This is molecular gastronomy brought home. It involves potato stock, potato starch, and a slow-dried gel. The first couple of steps are a breeze, but I warn you in advance: you must have patience to bring these to fruition. The last few steps require that you dehydrate the gel and then deep fry the chips in oil (like the real ones). But the result is oh-so-worth-it (every calorie, too).


Glass Potato Chips

via Geekosystem

images via Imnopeas

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