Crinkle Cut French Fry-Shaped Cakes with Raspberry Ketchup

French Fry Cakes

California-based Imnopeas posted a recipe and detailed tutorial on Instructables on how to make Cake Fries, crinkle cut french fry-shaped cakes that is paired with a red raspberry ‘ketchup’. A store-bought pound cake is cut with a zig-zag knife, and then baked to look like crinkle cut fries. Pureed raspberries are the base of the ‘ketchup’. She was inspired by a recipe by Bob Blumer of Food Network’s The Surreal Gourmet.

What’s better than a nice hot and crispy french fry? Uhh, nothing, but these faux french fries made from pound cake are pretty darn tasty! With summer right around the corner, these dessert fries are the perfect addition to any bbq or summer bash.

Cake Fries

Raspberry Ketchup