Firefox 2

Firefox 2

The wait is over, Firefox 2 was released yesterday. Holy crap, this little open source project has really come a long way. I’m back to having it as my full time browser after using Camino for the last few months. Aside from the fact that it is faster, more secure, less prone to crashing (and if does, Session Restore will bring you back to where you were), has better tabbing and a bunch of new features, it finally has built-in spell checking. In fact, it’s finding all my spelling errors directly in the WordPress editor as I type this. That’s something that I’ve wanted to do forever without having a special plug-in or extension. I finally feel like I have a real browser.

More coverage of the Firefox 2 launch can be found over at Tailrank here and here.

How do you make Firefox 2 even better? Try out some of the over 1000 add-ons that are available.

If you are as excited about the new Firefox as I am, you can celebrate its release at the nearest Firefox Party as well as letting others know about it through Spread Firefox.

UPDATE: Gina Trapani just posted some awesome Firefox 2 config tweaks on Lifehacker.

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