Desktop Dumpsters, Mini Steel Art Dumpsters by Ryan Christensen

Desktop Dumpster with a plant

Desktop Dumpsters by Steelplant are mini nine-pound steel dumpsters that are ready to be filled with pens, plants or magazines (or what-have-you) and put on your desk. Designed by Seattle-based Ryan Christensen, each one is a handmade work of art and is hand-painted with graffiti. Customizable blanks are available as well. Check out the promo video and take a look at more painted dumpster images at his Flickr page.

Dumpsters are cut, formed, and welded up from 16 gauge 25-35% recycled steel. Empty dumpsters weigh about nine pounds. When you get a chance to pick one up you will be impressed with its mass. The lid tiles are milled from a wood/plastic composite material that is made from plastic bags and sawdust that would otherwise go to a dump somewhere.

Desktop Dumpsters

Desktop Dumpster

Desktop Dumpster

Desktop Dumpster

Desktop Dumpster

images via Steelplant

Thanks to David Klass!

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