‘BAMF’ Grandma Celebrates Her 103rd Birthday with a Tattoo

Evelyn Kottman

103-year-old Evelyn Kottman — dubbed a “Bad Ass Mother Figure” by redditcelebrated her birthday with her grandson by going to a casino, having all-you-can-eat crab, and getting a tattoo. In an AMA on reddit, Kottman revealed that at age nine she helped her six-year-old brother steal a Model T for a joyride, and she was a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse by age 14. She also gave some fantastic advice:

Love yourself the way you are. Get your priorities straight. Keep your family close. Save money for a rainy day. Laugh.

Evelyn Kottman

Evelyn Kottman

images via sfst

via My Modern Metropolis, The Daily Dot

Written by Kimber Streams

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