Bakeball Bat, A Rolling Pin That Looks Like a Mini Baseball Bat

Bakeball Bat

The Bakeball Bat is a wooden rolling pin designed to look like a mini baseball bat. It is a design of Barcelona-based Jordi Pla Studio and each one is made of 100% sustainable wood (“white mahogany”). It is available to purchase at Suck UK.

We will be the first to admit that this product has quite a niche audience – and that if you haven’t got a baseball loving chef in the house, as a gift – it might not seem that strong. So instead look at it the way we do, as an opportunity to transform the sports addict in your life into a culinary master, a king of pastry – just by handing them a rolling pin shaped like that which is most important to them. A baseball bat.

Bakeball Bat

Bakeball Bat

images via Suck UK

via HolyCool and Foodiggity

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