Laughing Squid Celebrates 19th Anniversary

Custom Engraved Wooden Coaster with the Laughing Squid logo by WoodLab Designs

This week we are celebrating the 19th anniversary of Laughing Squid. The journey that started back in 1995 has been pretty amazing so far. We’re all looking forward to where it takes us next.

We would like to give a big thanks to our family, friends, blog readers and blog writers and editors, web hosting customers and the web hosting team. None of this would have been possible without you.

Here’s some history on our the origins of our name and company logo.

photo: Custom Engraved Wooden Coaster with the Laughing Squid logo by WoodLab Designs

Help Support Us by Advertising on Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid
Laughing Squid Circuit Board by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories – photo by Scott Beale

If you would like to help support Laughing Squid, consider purchasing an ad campaign on our blog or referring a friend who is looking for unique place to promote their company, project, website or event.

If you are interested in advertising on Laughing Squid, you can purchase a 300×250 ad on the top of our sidebar (just below the share icons) for $2.00 per 1000 impressions ($2 CPM) directly through our partnership with BuySellAds.

Ad campaigns on Laughing Squid start out as little as $40/month, where your ad will be viewed by our diverse readership 20,000 times over a 30 day period. This is a good option if you want to get some increased exposure for a company, project, website or event, but you have a small promotional budget.

When you are ready to purchase an ad on Laughing Squid, just select “Add to Cart”, then you’ll be able to select the number of impressions you want, upload your ad artwork and then pay for the ad.

The number of impressions you purchase will be spread out over a 30 day period and will automatically renew each month until cancelled. If you would like to purchase an ad to run for a specific day(s) or week(s), please contact BuySellAds support.

If you have any other questions about purchasing an ad, please contact BuySellAds support directly.

Doggie Diner Stencil Art by Scott Williams

Doggie Diner

On a recent trip to San Francisco, John Law was showed me some of the artwork he’s collected over the years, which includes this wonderful Doggie Diner stencil art by legendary stencil artist Scott Williams.

photo by Scott Beale

Wonderfully Creepy Winking Coffee Face

Coffee Face

Today I needed a GIF to test out posting on Ello. Of course the first place I checked was Giphy and came across this wonderfully creepy winking coffee face GIF by Dunken K Bliths.

Groot From ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Learns a Lesson In Password Security the Hard Way

Groot Password

The New Yorker imagines what it would be like if Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy used a weak iCloud password and become one of the many victims of “The Fappening” in this cartoon by Benjamin Schwartz.

image via The New Yorker

An Exclusive First Look at the New iPhone 6

Joey Romaine (aka Doldo411) of The Second City Network presents an exclusive first look at the new Apple iPhone 6. The upgraded bun design is really innovative.

‘The Sopranos’ Opening Recreated in Grand Theft Auto V

8-Bit Bastard recreated the opening credits of the HBO TV series The Sopranos in Grand Theft Auto V, where gritty New Jersey is replaced by scenic Los Santos. Here’s a side-by-side comparison.