Bondic, A Welder of Liquid Plastic That Hardens Under an LED Ultraviolet Light


Bondic is a welder of liquid plastic that hardens under an LED ultraviolet light. The liquid plastic is capable of fixing a variety of issues or simply providing a layer of plastic. One applied and cured with the LED ultraviolet light, further layers can be added to strengthen the bond. Bondic is currently available via Amazon.

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Chipper, An Alarm Clock That Only Stops Ringing Once People Are Out of Bed

Chipper is an alarm clock by a group of students at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California that only stops ringing once people are out of bed. The device uses a fabric sensor to determine if someone is in the bed, and it will actually start ringing again if someone gets back into bed after getting out. The alarm times are controlled by a smartphone. Further, slightly more technical details are available on Chipper’s website.

Instead of measuring force, pressure, or mechanical movement, the Chipper measures capacitance. This allow us to build a sensor that is cheaper to build, thinner, and sensitive to the entire bed.

The lead engineer on the project, David Levi, is also behind the Magnetic Cello.





images via Chipper

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‘PBS Game/Show’ Examines the Extreme Depiction of Bodies in Video Games

PBS Game/Show host Jamin Warren examines the extreme depiction of bodies in video games in the latest episode of the series. Warren specifically addresses the ways in which video games portray idealized versions of body archetypes, and why there’s not more diversity.

There’s a wide array of people that play games in general, but why do the games themselves not reflect this? Games frequently portray extreme versions of bodies, especially female ones, that don’t represent this wide audience. Games like Dragon’s Crown, Dead or Alive, and Bayonetta are standout examples of this trend, but the way it has spread through almost all games is troubling. Is it sexism? Game design? Both?