A Fascinating Look at the Inside of the Official Nintendo Character Manual From 1993

Nintendo Character Manual

Author Blake J. Harris has offered up a fascinating look at the inside of the official Nintendo Character Manual from 1993 that features details for “any public performance of the Mario character” and more. The manual served as a way for those licensing any Nintendo video game properties to maintain the exact image that the Japanese company wanted. Harris is the author of Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation.

Nintendo Character Manual

Nintendo Character Manual

Nintendo Character Manual

Nintendo Character Manual

Nintendo Character Manual

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‘Killing Time At Lightspeed’, A Text-Based Video Game About Social Media on Spaceships

Killing Time At Lightspeed

Killing Time At Lightspeed is a text-based video game by developer Gritfish about social media on spaceships. It imagines what it might be like to try and keep up with such things despite them moving way too fast. The game was created for Antholojam, a curated game jam anthology, in late 2014.

You never know what will be the last thing you say to someone. On a transport ship leaving earth, a passenger kills time by scrolling through the messages of their social media feed. As the ship leaves and moves further and further away from home, the delay between sending messages and their arrival lengthens. What feels like minutes on the ship is hours, days, weeks, even years back on Earth. Each refresh of the timeline is a tiny window into the past. What will you do in those precious few moments as the lives of everyone you know pass by?

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‘PBS Idea Channel’ Explores Boredom, Overly Sensitive Americans, and Teleporters

PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta explores boredom, overly sensitive Americans, and teleporters in a recent episode that breaks the typical format by looking at three short ideas rather than one single, more meaty idea. Though succinct, Rugnetta manages to do all three topics justice.

It’s time to come in from the cold and put on your thinking cap, because we have THREE new ideas for you to consider this week. 1) What’s so bad about being bored? 2) Why are Americans so sensitive? and 3) Is that really you on the other side of the teleporter?

‘Werewolf House’, A Modified Version of the Classic Party Game Mafia Featuring Pop Culture Character Illustrations

Werewolf House is a modified version of the classic party game Mafia by Los Angeles-based creative agency who ate my teeth that features illustrations of pop culture characters. The deck features over 30 unique cards with a variety of abilities that can be used in a simple or more advanced version of the game. The project is currently seeking funding via a Kickstarter campaign.

Werewolf House

Werewolf House

Werewolf House

Werewolf House

Werewolf House

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An Incredibly Tense Speedrun Through a Ridiculously Complicated Custom ‘Super Mario World’ Level

Super Mario World speedrunner PangaeaPanga took three years to create and then successfully complete a custom level of the video game filled with ridiculously complicated bits and pieces that require intense focus and split-second timing to finish. More on the level and its construction and completion is available at the SMW Central forums.

Finally, after the introduction to the first level back in 2009, the Item Abuse series comes to a close with the release of Item Abuse 3! The final episode was due to the product of 3 years of on-and-off work, with the approximately 40% of the past 2 months being dedicated solely to this project. And after furiously being frustrated at even beating my own level, it is complete.

This isn’t the first time PangaeaPanga has created a custom level before zooming through it in a tool-assisted speedrun, but it is the latest and perhaps most complicated in the series.

[TAS] Item Abuse 2 by PangaeaPanga & Regnum0nline in 7:02.11

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‘POWER/RANGERS’, A Short Film That Imagines the Gritty Future of the Power Rangers as Adults

POWER/RANGERS is a short film directed by Joseph Kahn and produced by Adi Shankar that imagines the gritty future of the Power Rangers from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as adults. The Rangers have gone their separate ways, growing up and coping with their earlier service in vastly different ways. Even so, the Machine Empire signed a special treaty, and that’s seemingly what eventually pits the second Red Ranger against the rest of the team.

Of special note is perhaps the film’s attention to detail and nods to the history of the series. For example, it features both an integration of original Blue Ranger David Yost‘s homosexuality as well as original Yellow Ranger Thuy Trang‘s death in 2001.

POWER/RANGERS stars Katee Sackhoff as Kimberly, James Van Der Beek as Rocky, Russ Bain as Tommy, Yves Bright as Billy, Stevin Knight as Jason, Gichi Gamba as Zack, and Will Yun Lee as General Klank. For more on the short film, HitFix has a lengthy interview with Kahn about it.

Why Bootleg The Power Rangers?

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Musician Andrew Huang Uses Sounds From Three Chairs, a Recliner, and a Couch to Create a Song

Musician Andrew Huang (previously) recently created a song using nothing but sounds made using a series of chairs, a recliner, and a couch. Huang technically also used the floor, but that’s getting a bit pedantic.

No other sounds, just one wood chair, one comfy couch, two office chairs, one recliner with footstool. A bit of EQ to bring out the resonant frequencies. I guess I also used the floor to roll on. But every musician uses FLOOR. This message brought to you by floor.