Alton Brown Shares His Recipe For ‘Grilled Grilled Cheese’

Food expert Alton Brown, indignant about the state of grilled cheese in the world today, shares his yummy recipe for “grilled grilled cheese”, which is a grilled cheese sandwich that’s actually made on the grill.

Please take a moment to up just quietly read the three words on the blackboard [Grilled Cheese Sandwich]…you know, a few such arrangements are capable of stimulating so much desire so much nostalgia, so much saliva. Yet for me these words represent disappointment dishonesty in and disillusionment. That’s because whenever and wherever people say they’re gonna make you a grilled cheese sandwich what they really mean is there gonna make you a griddled sandwich containing some melted cheese. Well not me. Now when I say grilled cheese sandwich, I mean a grilled sandwich containing grilled cheese and here’s how I do it. You’re gonna need a charcoal grill…

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