A Baguette-Shaped Shoulder Bag to Carry & Protect Your Baguette

Baguette Bag

Ukrainian design company CYAN has created the Baguette Bag, a baguette-shaped adjustable shoulder bag that’s designed to carry and protect your fresh baguette while you travel home from the bakery. The project is currently available for pre-order in yellow, brown, green, and grey on Wowcracy.

There’s something special about purchasing a fresh baguette while it’s still crispy and warm. The CYAN’s Baguette Bag guarantees your trip home from the bakery will never be the same. Made especially for the baguette fans, the Baguette Bag protects the fluffy loaf while keeping your hands free. Place your just purchased bread into this stylish accessory and sling it over your shoulder – now you can bike or walk and carry other groceries in your hands without damaging the baguette. And if you’re empty-handed, you can always keep your hands free while walking instead of worrying about protecting the loaf.

Baguette Bag

Baguette Bag

images via CYAN

via The Daily Mail

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