Yes, We Canned, A T-Shirt For The Recently Unemployed

Yes We Canned

“Yes, We Canned”, brought to you by the fine folks at ASSME, the American Society of Shitcanned Media Elites, a new support organization for newly downsized members of the magazine, newspaper, book publishing, advertising, TV and web industries.

Sporting an original design by the brilliant if unassuming Michael Shea (and the now-classic ASSME logo by John Sheppard on the back), this first-ever ASSME T-shirt perfectly captures the current media-industry mood, in which we’re all doing this delicate pirouette along a knife’s edge between elation and despair, humor and utter dread. Might it become a collectors’ item? Probably! So get two—one to wear and another to seal in a Ziploc bag and hide under your bed for 30 years, at which point this shirt will be the wearable equivalent of an original Dorothea Lange or Walker Evans print, evoking with a sudden, overwhelming rush of nostalgia the sad history of today’s digital dustbowl.

via HR Lori