Yard Dogs Road Show

Yard Dogs Road Show

If you haven’t seen em, go! If you have we know we’ll see you there. Last show is in San Francisco at The Great American Music Hall on May 10th!

Yard Dogs Road Show Daredevils of Vaudeville National Tour

Nail your hat to your head.
Hide the wine.
Keep an eye on the horizon.
We’re a comin’
That’s right it’s really happening:

25 shows in 35 days

Sounds like this:

Burlesque inspired, hair on fire, electrified
cartoon music played by a well dressed jug band in a
dark circus tent with a man swallowing swords and hobo
rambling poetry. Oh yeah, and did I mention the
dancing girls, dancing girls, dancing girls!

With dj Clay on that Big Bad Bus Of Love…..

Come join the fun!

Eddy Joe Cotton & The Yard Dogs Road Show

photo by Paolo Vescia

John Law
John Law