Yahoo Launches Y! Mash, A New Social Network


On Friday Yahoo launched their new social network Y! Mash. A couple of years ago Yahoo launched their first social network Yahoo! 360, so I’m not sure if this means that 360 will be rolled into Mash or if they will maintain both of them in parallel.

Regardless, Mash is a major improvement over 360 and appears to be their answer to MySpace and Facebook, but one of the major differences is that you can allow your friends to edit your profile, kind of like a wiki. You can also add modules to add functionally to your profile and see your friends’ activity via Pulse.

Here’s more Mash coverage from David Beach.

Here’s my Mash profile. Mash is currently invite only and the way they handle invites is a little different. People start profiles for friends that they want to invite to Mash. I’m not sure how many invites I have to give out, but if you want one, send me an email with your name and email address.

Big thanks to Nick Humphries who originally hooked me up with a Mash invite.