Exploring the World’s Largest Survival Community Located in 575 Underground Bunkers in South Dakota

Nomadic travelers Kara and Nate found themselves in the Black Hills of South Dakota at a former military base that has been converted into Vivos XPoint, a series of underground bunkers housing the world’s largest survival community. XPoint is made up of 575 underground concrete and steel bunkers that are leased for a one-time fee of $35,00-$45,000 plus $1,000 annual ground rent per bunker.

We spent 24 hours exploring 575 underground bunkers in the middle of South Dakota being converted into the world’s largest prepper community.

Kara and Nate spent 24 hours with Dante Vicino, the man who is leasing the bunkers to find out more about the community.

I still don’t subscribe to the total armageddon on a personal level just because it doesn’t really sit well with me and it doesn’t do me any good to occupy my mind with that. We wouldn’t be doing this project if there wasn’t the interest and the market for this kind of product for this solution to that problem right but I think how we approach that can be a lot more interesting and a lot more positive and wholesome than just well world’s gonna end someday.

They also spoke with several residents to find out why they moved there. One couple had a surprising point of view.

This is not where we were anticipating our life to end up. I’ve always been, not a prepper, but I’ve
always been prepared and somewhat for my military background and just being raised in a large family. We actually left California right before COVID hit. It was getting too crazy, so we decided on Florida. then shortly after that COVID hit and then that place went crazy and we just looked at each other and said we’re done we’re we can’t survive out here. There’s just too much hatred too much animosity out there.

Others warned against pre-conceived notions about people who choose to live in bunkers.

Don’t take too seriously what you see on tv. My parents grew up during the depression so we learned to always put up food for you know the winter or for a rainy day and now I think people realize it’s always better to have a little more considering last year when they went to the store and there was nothing on the shelves.