Wine Library TV Party At De Loach Vineyards In Santa Rosa

Wine Library TV Live

Wine Library TV in Santa Rosa

Natalie & Eddie

Domaine de La Vougeraie

Wine Library TV in Santa Rosa

Gary makes a selection for the show

Gary Vaynerchuk, host of Wine Library TV, was up in the Wine Country this weekend visiting various vineyards. He decided to organize a last minute wine tasting party, co-hosted by Robert Scoble, Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss, at the beautiful guest house at De Loach Vineyards in Santa Rosa. The event was promoted only via Twitter and dozens of people came out to help consume the 24 cases of wine generously donated by De Loach. Thanks for the invite, we had a great time.

Here are a few photos I shot of the party with my new Ricoh GR II.

More Sniffy Sniff

At the party, Gary even did a live taping of Wine Library TV.

Christopher Silva

St. Francis Winery

Robert Scoble

Gary Vaynerchuk & Kevin Rose

Lori and I decided to make the trek up there, showing up mid-day on Saturday, where we met up with Gary and crew doing a special tasting at the wonderful St. Francis Winery in Santa Rosa, hosted by their president and CEO Christopher Silva.

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UPDATE: Robert Scoble has a great write-up of the wine & tech weekend.

photo by Scott Beale

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