Wavelength, A Social Guessing Game That Challenges Players to Read Each Other’s Minds

Wavelength Game

Wolfgang Warsch, creator of the game The Mind, joined forces with fellow game designers Alex Hague and Justin Vickers, who made the game Monikers, created Wavelength, a party game that challenges the players to read each other’s minds through guesses, clues and a 3D dial with a hidden bullseye.

Like the best party games, Wavelength is deceptively simple. … It’s a thrilling experience of TALKING and THINKING and HIGH FIVING that anyone can play—but it also has some of that deep word game sorcery, like Codenames, where your decisions feel tense, strategic, meaningful. …Wavelength’s theme may be telepathy, but it’s secretly all about empathy. To win, your team will have to figure out how each of you thinks about the world.

They are raising funds through Kickstarter in order to bring the game to market.

In terms of manufacturing, this is the most complex game we’ve ever made, so we’ve also put a ton of time into making sure we can get it from idea to execution.

Wavelength Game

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips