A Tiny Squirrel on Tiny Waterskis Gets Pulled by a Remote Controlled Toy Boat Around a Tiny Lagoon

A tiny squirrel named Twiggy is quite the party animal. She and her human travel around the world in order to showcase her incredible talent of waterskiing. Making appearances at such events Toronto Boat Show, The X Games and The Richmond Home and Garden Show, Twiggy never fails to make a splash. Twiggy’s humans Chuck and Lou Ann Best posted the history of Twiggy on their website.

In 1978 a baby squirrel was rescued after being blown from her nest after a hurricane and taken in by Chuck and Lou Ann Best. The little squirrel adapted very well to her new home. She went everywhere with her new family. She greeted all the kids at their roller skating rink and even went on their camping and water-skiing excursions where she loved to sit on Chuck and Lou Ann’s shoulder while they sat in the water. Sometimes she would even take a dip into the water to get cooled off on a hot day. Later, Chuck bought his daughter, Lalainia, a remote controlled boat for her birthday. Their friends started teasing him saying that he bought it for himself, since he played with it all the time. Defending himself, he quipped, “I have to learn to drive the boat so I can teach my squirrel to water-ski.”

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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