Warren Ellis’ World Wide Week Holds A Mirror To The Internet

World Wide Week by Warren Ellis

Noted comic book author (and dispenser of tasty brain custard) Warren Ellis is currently conducting an interesting experiment on his blog. Declaring this to be “World Wide Week 2008”, he’s asked his readers to submit self-portraits via email, and has been posting a selection of the submissions for everyone to see.

Warren explained the reasoning behind World Wide Week thus:

Someone asked me yesterday, “why do you do the thing with the self portraits?” And it’s like this: because people forget that there are other people on the other end of the internet. People forget that they’re side by side with other people every time they visit a website, that they’re talking with real people every time they post a comment. It’s too easy for people to let everyone become anonymous on the net. I don’t like that. This whole thing is made out of people. Once a year, I like to remind you.