Violet Blue: Open Source Sex

Violet Blue

Violet Blue’s first article for “Violet Blue: Open Source Sex”, her new sex column in the San Francisco Chronicle, was published in today’s paper: “Club Kiss for that thoroughly modern vibe”

Ryan Is Hungry shot a great video interview with Violet an hour before the article came out. Yay Violet!

Now here’s the bad news. At the very last minute, senior management at the Chronicle removed all of the outside links from her column, in fact, they won’t even link to Violet’s blog. One step forward, two steps back. Will mainstream media ever get it?

Of course, because it’s me (and it’s sex), it didn’t happen without issue. At the last minute, the publisher got freaked out about my links and so (for now, I think) my column will be running without links to any of the sites or topics I’m talking about. Yeah, it’s *weird* for an online column… And dude — they don’t even link to Tiny Nibbles from my column’s page. But the Chron and I are continuing to talk about it and the topic is by no means closed.

Violet will be posting the links for each column on her blog until the Chronicle resolves this issue.

Regardless of this minor setback, we are extremely proud of Violet and the launch of her groundbreaking column.

UPDATE: A group of pranksers have been modifying bus shelters with unauthorized promotional posters for Violet’s new column.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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