Vintage San Francisco Real Estate Ads From The 1950’s

Vintage Real Estate

Vintage Real Estate

Walking by the window of Galu Real Estate on 24th Street in the Mission this week, I noticed a series of vintage real estate posters on display in the windows. There was much to love about the ads — from the hand-painted lettering to those low, low prices. ($9250 for a 5-room Victorian with parking for two cars? Near 29th and Mission? Where do I sign??)

According to the staff at Galu, these old ads were tucked away in a dark corner of an office closet for years, and only recently rediscovered. They’re believed to be from the mid-1950s.

After making myself obsequious for a few minutes, one of the gentlemen offered to let me have one of the ads from the pile of them they’d found. I picked a nice property in the “Heart of the Warm Belt near 23rd and York” — a REAL BARGAIN at $12,500:

For Sale: 979 York (1953)

Naturally, I then set out to see what the house looks like today, and I quickly found it:

979 York (2009)

As I approached, the owner of the house happened to open the door to step outside. I introduced myself and showed her the ad. She laughed, then explained that her parents had purchased the house for $12,500 in 1953, and she still lives there. Apart from a new garage door and front staircase railing, the home is basically unchanged…

Except for the price!

photos by Todd Lappin/Telstar Logistics