Vigilante Vigilante, A Fascinating Documentary on Anti-Graffiti Vigilantes

Vigilante Vigilante, directed by Max Good, is a fascinating documentary about anti-graffiti vigilantes–eccentric individuals who take up the paintbrush to blot out grafitti in their neighborhoods. The film is nearly complete but the soundtrack and other final details have yet to be finished. Good and his Bay Area-based production team are raising funds on Kickstarter to help finance the production costs of completing the film and taking it to film festivals.


It’s time to send this baby out into the world! However, we have quite a few things left to do before we can say we’re done, so we decided to use Kickstarter as a venue to raise at least a portion of the funds needed to complete our film. $8000 is our goal and we’ll be forever grateful if we reach it, but finishing the film will easily cost 2 or 3 times that.