Video Salon Redux, Real World Gathering of Online Media Producers


Eddie Codel and Michael O’Rourke are producing Video Salon Redux, a new monthly series modeled after Dorkbot that focusing on online video and internet based visual media. The first event in the series takes place tomorrow, Thursday, November 15th at Dimension 7 in San Francisco and features presentations by Eddie Codel & Irina Slutsky (GETV), Michael O’Rourke (Dimension 7) and Nick Douglas (Look Shiny).

Join us for the inaugural Video Salon Redux, a monthly real world gathering of online media hackers, video artists, filmmakers, serialists, metaverse dwellers, entrepreneurs, advertisers, collaborators, co-conspirators and anyone else interested in the evolving landscape of internet based visual media. VSR is one part curated presentations, one part open show-n-tell and a very healthy dose of networking and cross-pollination (where the real magic happens).