Valve Introduces Steam Broadcasting, A New Feature That Allows Users to Watch Other People Play Video Games

Steam Broadcasting

Valve has introduced Steam Broadcasting, a new feature for their digital distribution service Steam that allows users to watch other people play video games. The feature is currently in beta, meaning that interested users must opt in to the Steam Client beta, but there’s already an extensive FAQ and discussion group in place.

Starting today you can watch your friends’ games with the click of a button via Steam Broadcasting, now available in beta. When you see a friend in game, simply click on “Watch Game” from their profile or from the Steam Client Friend’s List to open a window into their gameplay — no game ownership, special fees, or additional apps required.

The system allows for a variety of settings as far as which games are watchable. Users can set up permissions so that only those invited may watch, friends can request to watch, friends can watch without permission, or a general public broadcast.