Untold Truths About the Friday the 13th Horror Film Franchise

Looper has released a new video where they shared a few untold truths about the Friday the 13th horror film franchise. They dug deep to find out that Jason Voorhees‘ iconic hockey mask was almost a burlap sack, Jason’s name was originally going to be Josh, and more.

The name Jason Voorhees is synonymous with horror. The hockey mask-wearing, machete-toting maniac has terrorized unsuspecting precoital teens for decades. Since Friday the 13th hit screens in 1980, the franchise has produced 12 movies, a TV show, a series of graphic novels, and a brutal video game, but audiences still want more. Jason’s origin and evolution are known to many genre devotees, but a look behind the scenes at how he came to be one of the most recognizable movie monsters of all time reveals how close he also came to total obscurity. (read more)