Uniquely Creative Handmade Pool Tables That Are Shaped Like a Pink Doughnut and a Banana

1 Doughnut Pool

Artist and designer Cléon Daniel has created two very different and uniquely creative pool tables that take on the fun shapes of a banana and a doughnut with pink icing. While playful, the doughnut took on strong symbolism for the artist.

Doughnuts are symbolic of temptation in today’s world, and mass produced in endless variety to feed a tempted public. They are everywhere, for everyone, good for you, bad for you, and fun. These pieces have shock value and provoke honest reactions and critique.

The Banana Pool Table is currently available for purchase through Home Leisure Direct and the Doughnut Pool Table is currently on display at the Frieze Art Fair exhibition “Garden of Earthly Delights” at the Exhibition Hotel in London.

Doughnut Pool 2

Doughnut Pool 3

Banana Pool 1

Banana Pool 2

Banana Pool 3

images by Cléon Daniel