Understanding America, A Recently Released Frank Zappa Collection

Understanding America

The Zappa Family Trust has recently released “Understanding America,” “a new 2-CD set” that “is one of only three compilation albums produced and titled by FZ himself.” It is available to download at iTunes.

A message from the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen (Frank Zappa’s proximate Laurel Canyon studio) proclaims: “This work is about love, peace, justice and the American way. It’s about compassion and responsibility. It’s about ethics and honor. It’s about time and it is about money. And bogus pomp and circumstance. Predictions and politics. It is the low-down on high altitudes. Check out the menu for yourself and you will see that the main ingredients, each in their own persuasion and marinating well into the next century, have been carefully skewered and roasted to the peak of perfection by the Master chef, author of one of the all time great cook books, Understanding America. Oh, and finally, it is about Music. Put some in your cauldron and please, don’t forget to vote!”

image via The Zappa Family Trust

Thanks JahFurry!