TwistVolt, An Origami Power Strip That Twists to Avoid Blocking Outlets

TwistVolt is a power strip with built-in USB outlets that twists to help you charge multiple devices without blocking any ports. The strip is comprised of linked triangles with joints that rotate, making for a variety of different possible configurations that can help you save space around your desk or just provide you with a power supply that looks a bit more interesting than the standard fare.

Each joint rotates 270 degrees and indexes at 90 degree increments. That’s four possible positions for each of the seven joints (4^7) giving 16,384 positions. Many are not physically possible but that still leaves many thousands that are.

TwistVolt’s creators are currently raising funds for the project on Kickstarter. They expect the first units to begin shipping in December 2014.



via Gadgetify, The Awesomer