Trongs, Plastic Finger Tripods For Eating Messy Foods


Grab buffalo wings

Trongs are little plastic finger tripods designed to keep fingers clean when eating messy foods. They are available to purchase at Amazon where they are touted as “Compatible with good-looking, intelligent people who have friends.”

Who doesn’t enjoy diving into a dripping pile of Buffalo wings or BBQ ribs? The unavoidable mess and sticky fingers are just part of the process… right? Not anymore! With trongs you can enjoy the experience of eating wings and ribs without the mess.

What’s worse than that pasty sticky mess left on your fingers when you bread chicken cutlets? When you use trongs, your fingers stay clean, so you are free to answer the phone, pick up the baby, or anything else that gets thrown your way.

Trongs are also great for eating sushi, shrimp coctail, h’orderves, potato chips, and the list goes on. Although trongs are designed to keep your fingers clean, they can also be used to keep your food clean. What do we mean? Let’s say you are a mechanic and your hands are covered in grease. It’s easier to grab a pair of trongs to eat a burger and fries than it is to scrub your fingers clean.

These are trongs, the utensil that stands like a tripod!

via The Worst Things For Sale