Trial of the Clone 2: Wrath of the Pacifist, An Interactive Choosable Pathway Gamebook

Zachary Weiner of the comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal has authored a new interactive choosable pathway gamebook. Trial of the Clone 2: Wrath of the Pacifist is a “science fiction adventure comedy for adults, and the first sequel to the popular gamebook adventure, Trial of the Clone.” It will have plenty of beautiful illustrations by artist Chris Jones. Zachary has started a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to help bring the adventure book to print.

Unlike the first book, this time we’re letting you decide how many illustrations go into it. We’re hiring Chris to do some much fancier artwork than last time! But, it costs a bit more to get this quality of work. So, we’re starting at a baseline of 6 pieces from Chris. As we raise money, the number of illustrations goes up. There are a lot of scenes that’d be funny with added artwork, and we’d love to show them to you.

Trial of the Clone 2: Wrath of the Pacifist

Justin Page
Justin Page

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