Tractor Used As Drums For Sweet Georgia Brown

Some see as an idling tractor, but to Olle Hemmingsson it’s a mobile two cylinder drum machine that happens to have an excessive amount of horsepower. It turns out it’s great addition to the rhythm section for a lovely cover of “Sweet Georgia Brown”.

I am the guitarplayer, my name is Olle Hemmingson and i live in Sweden. There has been some asking about my guitar, it is a Gibson Les Paul Signature, i bought it used around 1975 and it´s the best guitar I ever had.The bridge is for adjusting the strings in all ways and the strings ar locked in the top. There is a movie with “Sweet Georgia Brown” and a one with “Lover come back to me” to. (sic) I did not send the movies to YouTube, but it´s fun that people seems to like it. Olle H

We do like it, Olle. Keep on rocking rural Sweeden!

Here’s another video of Olle Hemmingsso’s Trio playing along with the tractor.

Thanks to Michael Lyons for the tip!