Toymaker Releasing Official Nyan Cat Toys & Collectibles

Nyan Cat Toys

The Toy Spy has announced that toymaker JAKKS Pacific will launch a line of officially licensed toys, plush, and other products based on the popular internet meme, Nyan Cat. When pressed, the plush toys will sing the Nyan Cat song.
The Toy Spy asked Chris Torres, Nyan Cat’s creator, what he hopes Nyan Cat will be in the future and he replied, “the retro 8-bit, yet new, Hello Kitty”. The line is expected to release in Fall 2012.

Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat creator Chris Torres based the pixelated rainbow cat on Marty, his own cat. Here’s Marty with a plush prototype from the new line.

Nyan Cat Press Release

image via The Toy Spy

via Nyan Cat World

photos by PRGuitarman via The Toy Spy