‘TOMSKA VS OREO’, A Hilariously Twisted Anti-Commercial for Oreo Cookies by TomSka

According to prolific video blogger Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell, Oreo asked him to produce a sponsored video for their Play With Oreo campaign. His response: “TOMSKA VS OREO,” a hilariously twisted video that begins with an Oreo magic trick and a peppy jingle and ends in murder and chaos. In his video description TomSka indicates that Oreo found the video “too violent.” As yet there’s no word from Oreo so TomSka’s tale cannot be corroborated. But the jingle

two best friends.
This Oreo friendship will never end.
Even when life gets tough,
We stick together like cookies and white stuff.
O! R! E! O!
O! R! E! O!
Friends together to the end,
friendship, Oreos, and friendly friends!

A bit of backstory: in 2014 TomSka created a sponsored video for Oreo as part of an ad campaign in which the cookie brand recruited notable British video bloggers to make online videos about Oreos. The campaign made the news when it was censured by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority for not clearly identifying as advertising.

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