Toaster vs. Freezer, A Scientific Answer to Whether a Toaster Would Still Work Inside a Freezer

Freezer vs. Toaster

During the episode of the wonderful My Brother, My Brother, and Me podcast titled “The Sauce Doctor’s Blessing” the McElroy brothers debate the Yahoo! Answers question, “Would a toaster still work in a freezer?” The brothers never quite settle on an answer, so xkcd creator Randall Munroe took it upon himself to explain why the toaster would win in an installment of What If?

You put a toaster in a freezer. You run the extension cord in there. You put some good bread in there. You click it down. What even happens, right? Because if your answer is, “it would get hot,” then the freezer hasn’t done its job. But if you say “it would get cold,” then the toaster hasn’t done its job.

image via xkcd

Glen Tickle
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