Three Day Stubble 25th Anniversary Show

Three Day Stubble

Donald the Nut is back from Japan, just in time to help legendary nerk rockers Three Day Stubble celebrate their 25th Anniversary this Thursday, August 18th at The Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. Doors open at 8:30pm and the show is at 9:00pm, with Experimental Dental School and Bludtfart to open.

Three Day Stubble shows the glory and horror of white American culture turned inward upon itself, and the incestual expulsive ramifications of our democratic free society. Three Day Stubble’s hobby is showing the struggle of backward egos from a relatively tame society, that would rather turn away from looking at their problems and delude themselves while acting out the eccentric behavior brought about by such ignorance. Stubble exposes this “bubble life,” never acknowledged by society, through music, dancing, and other entertainment. These guys are making way to allow and encourage the acceptance of individual expression and creativity, no matter how secret or personal.

silk-screen illustration by Alistair Shanks

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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